Monday, July 4, 2011

Holy shit more frozen yogurt

Yes folks. Another stupid post about frozen yogurt, but hey this is my blog. My parents have been raving about this frozen yogurt place called Frannie's Goodie Shop so, of course, when I was home I had to try it...twice. (And you thought I was obsessed.....)

Both nights that we went this place was hopping. 10+ flavors to choose from : alpine vanilla, cable car chocolate, cake batter, red velvet cake, mango sorbet, cookies and cream, angel cake, rasberry, and strawberry and then toppings galore! I have never seen so many toppings! They had a HUGE toppings bar in the middle of the store overflowing with a range of fruits and chocolates and then more offerings lined aganist the wall. I could now understand my parents excitement over this place!

The froyo was good, but it tasted more creamy than I am use to. I would say like that place Froyo in STL, rather than that cool refreshing taste of Chill frozen yogurt. It tasted more ice cream like than frozen yogurty but hey no complaints here.

The place was packed and really colorful! Mount Kisco needed this! (and so did the Simnock family.)

PS Did we make it three nights in a row? Of course! Third night that I was home we visited this other frozen yogurt place called Swizzle. Fewer choices of flavors but their froyo was more like Chill so I was happy and toppings included CEREAL! Froyo +Cereal aka two of my favorite things together. Cake batter, cookies and cream with lucky charms on top. Delightful.

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